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DLI Announcement

June 12, 2018


Chris Kenopic:

Hello! Wow, we have been very busy here at DLI. We just came back from Mayfest; it was amazing! It was good to see so many of you there. Many Deaf people came to see us at our booth wanting to learn about DLI and to learn about your programs too.


Now, you may have seen our announcement we sent out about the job posting for a “Curriculum Developer”.  We received and screened a few resumes. It was a challenge to select candidates, but after the interviews we made our decision, and we are very excited to let you know about it.

The person we chose has many years of experiences with literacy and curriculum development. We are excited to announce we have hired Rose Etheridge. I will let her introduce herself and she will share a little bit about what she has planned. Thank you.

Rose Etheridge:

Hi! I am so excited to be back working here! In the past, I worked at DLI and I have also worked with different literacy programs, on different projects and worked with the OALCF group. I am excited for this new opportunity.

I know it has been awhile since have worked with the literacy programs, so I am looking forward to learning what has changed in the literacy field!

In my new position as Curriculum Developer, I will be contacting all the programs, so you can tell me what you need. For example: do you need… resources, curriculums, or assessments; related to ASL, English, math or employment?


After contacting everyone, I will gather this information and put together a “Wish List”. I will analyze which are the top priorities and start there. I am excited to start because my work will create many more resources for you! I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Chris Kenopic:

Thank you Rose for a great summary and explanation of your plans. We are thrilled to have hired you and have you work with us at DLI and with the practitioners. I hope our practitioners are excited and looking forward to working with Rose because she will develop curriculum that will best support the needs of our learners.  


Now I will let Anselmo explain about two important things:


  1. Our new DLI’s website, Deaf Heart Design is continuing to develop our new website. Anselmo will explain more about how to promote your program and to recruit more learners into your program.

  2. AlphaPlus contacted us and asked for our input regarding “Digital Skills Training”. They want to improve their digital skilled training for our practitioners. I will let Anselmo explain that. Please send us your ideas or suggestions for digital skilled trainings that you would like to see developed. We need the information by Friday June 22, 2018. We appreciate your cooperation in sending this information to us, so we can send it to AlphaPlus. Thank you.

Anselmo DeSousa:

I have two things to tell you about.


First thing, we are excited about our new website! In a few weeks, it will be complete.


Most of you want to know how to subscribe…

I will explain two ways to subscribe.


  1. Go to our website:  Go to "news" and click "subscribe".  Fill out the information. Choose your preferences - do you want us to send you: Newsletter? Event? Training? Volunteer opportunities?


  2. If you are already subscribed to our newsletters, please go to the very bottom of the DLI email and click "Update Subscription Preferences".  Fill out which information you prefer to get from us.

Second thing, I will explain what Alphaplus needs from you and us.

Alphaplus is thrilled to announce that they have signed an agreement with MAESD to work with the four literacy streams: Anglophone, Francophone, Native and Deaf.  They are asking all the streams about their resource needs for computer hardware and software training.  For example, do you like Webinar training? Are they helpful? What kind of training do you need for new software or computer hardware?

Please send your ideas and comments to Chris Kenopic, Executive Director at  Chris will collect and review the information from the Deaf stream.  Then he will give this information to AlphaPlus.  AlphaPlus will review all the responses from the four streams, and then send a report to the ministry with their recommendations.  If approved, the ministry will give funding to provide more training on computer hardware and software for all LBS programs.

I’m looking forward to seeing what new technology training is set up!

Chris Kenopic:

You may notice from our summaries, here at DLI, we have been very busy and have a lot of plans to keep us busy in the future. As you know the summer goes by too fast, so we are already busy arranging the DLI conference for Thursday November 22 and Friday November 23, 2018. Please save the date in your calendar!


We will be sending out our Summer Newsletter in few weeks. Please remember that we are always here for YOU!  If you need any support, please let us know!


I often send out emails with lots of valuable information or about upcoming events. This information is not only for practitioners, but we encourage you to share it with your learners and your community. Together, we will build a stronger literacy community in Ontario!

Thank you and have a great day!

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