DLI Newsletter Update Jan 2023

Hello everyone!

We shared our newsletter updates last fall. From this time until today as of January 2023, amazingly there were so many events at DLI. I am excited to share these events in this newsletter.

We received a funding called "Skills For Success", and we decided to develop new resources. Up to today, we have been making progress with developments.

1. Intake Assessment Tools is underway and this will include level 1, 2, and 3 (OALCF). This new resource also has a process in creating a new learning plan for your learner too. Awesome!

2. Ongoing Assessment Tools. These tools are designed for practitioners to identify whether your learners are making progress with their learning plans. This new resource is integrated with competencies and tasks based on the OALCF; and are divided into Level 1, 2 and 3. Exciting!

3. DLI is now upgrading/updating a resource called, "PAH!". This is a 6-week curriculum and has two different workbooks for learners and practitioners separately. This resource "PAH!" is to help learners to engage in self-discovery process to find their skills and apply these skills for employability readiness. Thrilling!

4. Another new resource we are working on and we are almost done: ASL Assessment tools. These tools have 4 differnet levels which are: emerging level, level 1, level 2, and level 3. ASL Assessment tools are not meant to measure learner's understanding of ASL as a complex language. These tools are designed for practitioners to measure learners' comprehension ability in between ASL and English. This will help practitioners to identify learners' level and to develop an adequate learner's learning plan. Cool!

All of these resource developments have kept DLI very busy.

Oh! Also...

We developed 3 new Milestones (MS) last December and we already submitted these to Ministry's repository. You will see these new Milestones on EOIS-CaMS next year. Exciting, eh?

Ah...there's more!

This February, DLI will have a committee meeting with different practitioners from various LBS programs to develop....ANOTHER 3 or more new Milestones! We also asked several LBS programs/organization to join us by developing new milestones from their programs. This means we will not only see three new MS, but at least five or more new Milestones by March 31, 2023!

Indeed...we have been so busy and I am excited for DLI to show all of these new resources to everyone. How do we show these new resources?

We will have an in-person conference in Mississauga on March 2nd and 3rd, 2023 (all day) at a hotel. There will be a hot breakfast and hot lunch buffet. A parking pass will also be provided. This conference in Mississauga is for DLI to showcase all of these new resources that we worked on. LBS programs, managers, practitioners, and Executive Directors are all welcome to attend. The conference is free for you all. I invite you to come by registering for the conference.

You will have the opportunity to review these new resources. We will have presentations for each new resource respectively. This will be an orientation for everyone to understand what to expect when we release these resources next fiscal year. I hope you will come and check out these new resources we have worked on since last Fall 2022. Come on over to our conference!

Besides, we are not even close to finishing these initiatives. We will do another round in developing more new resources by proposing a new business plan for the next fiscal year and submit the plan to the Ministry.

YES! We will see more new resources on the way.

Come on over to our conference.