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Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework

Curriculum Framework
(teal book)

Posted 2011

Some background information

What is the Curriculum Framework within the OALCF?

What are the features of the Curriculum Framework?

How is the Curriculum Framework organized?

How do you apply the Curriculum Framework?

A: Find and Use Information

A1. Read continuous text

A2. Interpret documents

A3. Extract information from films, broadcasts and presentations

B: Communicate Ideas and Information

B1. Interact with Others

B2. Write continuous text

B3. Complete and create documents

B4. Express oneself creatively

C: Understand and Use Numbers

C1. Manage money

C2. Manage time

C3. Use measures

C4. Manage data

D: Use Digital Technology

E: Manage Learning

F:  Engage with Others

Curriculum Framework teal book sample

Curriculum Framework performance descriptors

Curriculum Framework text types & examples

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