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Board Members Needed

Good morning,


The DLI Board will have its AGM on November 22, 2018 during the DLI Conference. We are recruiting for new board members who are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of literacy and governance.


Main role and responsibilities; 


  • Ensure appropriate organizational policies and structures are in place

  •  Participate in the development of a mission and strategic plan for the organization

  • Ensure that an effective management team is in place (I.e. Executive Director)

  • Maintain effective partnership and communication with the community, organization’s members and its stakeholders

  • Maintain fiscal responsibilities, approving and monitoring annual budgets


If you are interested in joining the DLI Board please send your cover letter and resume to Chris Kenopic at 



Chris Kenopic 

Executive Director

Deaf Literacy Initiative

PO Box 95

Georgetown, ON L7G 4T1



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