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Bridging to Deaf Success

Posted 2014

Cover of Bridging to Deaf Success

What is BDS?

BDS, Bridging to Deaf Success, is adapted from Signposts, a resource used in the Anglophone stream. The adaptation has specifically considered the needs of the Deaf Literacy stream and has been crafted to be a Deaf friendly resource. Because BDS uses plain language and is visually organized, it is a resource that can also be used in other literacy streams. It is an easy to use resource for learners whose goal is “Employment”

BDS focuses on skill levels in reading, writing, document use, and numeracy. Considering the Essential Skills, BDS includes 44 statements that reflect common tasks in the workplace and the skills needed to do these jobs.

How is BDS used?

BDS is a resource that will assist practitioners in the following ways:

  • It allows the practitioner to look at learners’ reading, writing, document use and numeracy skills at different levels of development

  • It helps practitioners to recognize learners’ skill levels and focus on areas of need

  • It reduces the burden of researching resources, whether on the web or through adaptation of other tools; BDS is a complete resource the meets the needs of learners

  • DLI project staff are available to deliver training to programs on how to use BDS

  • After using BDS, programs can contact DLI and have a trained assessor use Deaf CAMERA to assess learners’ development. Deaf CAMERA allows practitioners to identify learners’ strengths and weaknesses and adapt their program to meet individual needs

Need more information?

Contact the DLI office for further training or information.

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