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George Brown College

Deaf Learn Now
3 photos: woman signing, and two students on laptops

About the Program

We are an online literacy program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults in Ontario.  Our courses are free and can help students to prepare for college, employment and to develop greater independence skills.


Our courses are also great to take to complement the materials which students take in their on-site literacy or school programs.


Join Deaf Learn Now and take a short course today! Courses range in skill level and length - from very short to long, Grade 12 level English course.


Email or visit to make a video appointment or schedule a meeting!

Photo below of Deaf Learn Now student:
"This program supported my learning with tutorials, video formats and ongoing support, these helped me to succeed."  Netisha Ragguette


581C-200 King Street East
Toronto, ON   M5A 3W8


Phone (voice)

Phone (tty)



Nina Winiarczyk

Contact Person

Photo of student
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