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Conference 2019 - Sign Language Planning and Policy in Ontario and Internationally

Thu Nov 21 2019

This presentation discussesd how deaf advocacy organizations have made changes in deaf education. These changes include new policies that recognize how deaf schools are important and that promote ASL in education for deaf children. The presentation discussed the history of advocacy by the Ontario Association of the Deaf, Canadian Association of the Deaf, and World Federation of the Deaf for sign language rights in education. The presentation also discussed how these issues are important for deaf adult learners.

Kristin Snoddon
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Kristin Snoddon

Ryerson University

Kristin Snoddon is Associate Professor with the School of Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University. She is interested in sign language policy and planning and how inclusive education
policies impact deaf learners. Her research and professional experience includes working with deaf communities to develop
sign language and early literacy programs for deaf children and their parents. Before coming to Ryerson, she taught at the University of Alberta and Carleton University. She currently serves as Co-ordinator for the World Federation of the Deaf’s Expert Group on Deaf Education.

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