Deafblind Literacy Impact Training

Thu Nov 22 2018

Carolina Cohoon & Vanessa May
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Carolina Cohoon & Vanessa May

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Carolina brings nearly 20 years of experience as an educator. She is currently a Deafblind Specialist Literacy Instructor for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind in the Southwestern Ontario Region. In addition to her teaching experience, Carolina was a Rehabilitation Therapist and received mentoring from several well-respected Specialists in cognitive-behavioural therapy, trauma focused therapy, positive thinking, vision therapy and mindfulness which assist her in building rapport with students, increase service coordination, and establish SMART goals. Carolina took formal training in Assistive Technology and continues researching simple and complex technology to assist individuals with combined hearing and vision loss to maximize their full participation in education goals. She is also a certified Personal trainer and her passion for nutrition and people's well being inspire students to attend referrals and improve their health. Carolina is passionate about family, literacy and equality, and health. She is an avid advocate for the needs of people with disabilities, newcomers, and anyone who wishes to succeed but encounter barriers. To Carolina, everyone can contribute and share their talents no matter their background or education. Vanessa has worked in Deafblind Services for over seven years. Starting as a freelance Intervenor, she happily transitioned to the Deafblind Literacy Program. Working as a Deafblind literacy instructor, Vanessa developed a passion for understanding and practicing alternative methods of communication. Her results-oriented, creative approach to instructing encourages the personal growth of clients and learners while challenging the status quo. In recent months, Vanessa has become active in public education and community engagement, nurturing mutually beneficial partnerships within and outside of CNIB. Currently, Vanessa carries out more administrative type duties while keeping accessibility and advocacy at the forefront of her work. Learning is lifelong.